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One PGA Professional’s desire to climb the ranks in the golf industry led him to a new life in Australia. The opportunity to manage two Australian golf clubs for American Golf Corporation saw Mike Orloff relocate to Australia’s Gold Coast in 2000. AGC left Australia in 2002, so back to the states for Mike! However, he returned in 2003 working for Clubcorp, managing two properties.But history repeated itself somewhat as Clubcorp left Australia in 2006. This time Mike decided to stick around and is permanently based there with his Aussie wife and child. He branched out and is now freelancing as a golf business consultant and is the Director of Golf Industry Central, an informational portal for the Australasian golf industry. Mike is lending a helping hand to Web Street Golf Report by revealing what is happening in the golf industry Down Under. Mike has graciously elected to call his page “CHUNDER DOWN UND

ER.” Some Aussie slang has become main stream thanks in part to the exploits of Crocodile Dundee, etc. However, Mike’s “no worries” attitude appears in his humor as well:

Main Entry:  


Part of Speech:



to vomit


Australian slang;

chundered, chundering, chunders